Thursday, 20 September 2018

This term Room 25 and the rest of Kauri team have been learning about the 1970's and the dawn raids. We have been reading the Dawn raids novel written by Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith.       

Room 25 invited Tigilau Ness (the father of Che Fu... Yes Che Fu!), also a character in the novel, to come and share his story and experience of the 1970's and the dawn raids.      

                                He did some songs with us too!        

Tigilau is a member of the Polynesian Panthers. The Polynesian Panthers help out in the community. They stand up for  what they believe in and help others to do the same.      


  1. Kia ora, my name is masima and im from room 24 at owairaka district school. I really liked your blog post about Tigilau. i remember when i meat tigilau. was there a story you liked?

    thanks for sharing your learing. You sholud heck out my blog

  2. Hi, My name is Andre I am in Rm 23. I think your post is cool. I really liked the songs he sang. What was your favorite one? Here is a link to my blog
    Blog you later.

  3. Hi my name is Mahina rm 7 I like how you and your class invited Tigilau Ness I would put more full stops in you writing but see you later and maybe blog ya later.

  4. Kia ora, my name is Christina from Room 25 at Owairaka District school. Thank you masima for comment on my blog.

    Blog you later